Ground Reality

12 Feb 2012
25 pc girls deprived of primary education

25 pc girls deprived of primary education

A report released on Thursday revealed that 25 percent Nepali girls are out of primary education whereas 60 percent of girls do not have access to secondary education.

A study conducted by the Asia South Pacific Association of Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) stated that 96 million girls in South Asia are deprived of primary education with Nepal holding the third worst position among eight South Asian countries.

The study showed only 50 in 100 girls enjoyed gender equality in education. Nepal ranks "C" on the list whereas Afghanistan has the worst condition, which holds 36 marks out of 100 with "D" grade. Sri Lanka was found most progressive with 72 marks with overall "B" grade whereas India, Bangladesh and Bhutan have better status than Nepal with 63, 57 and 52 marks respectively.

According to the study, no South Asian country ranked "A", which meant none of the eight countries had ensured access of primary education to 80 girls among 100 samples.

Speaking at the programme, Education Minister Sarvendra Nath Shukla said a revolutionary participation of females in education sector is required to change the current scenario.

Apart from this, 48 percent girls got married before the age of 18. "Poverty, patriarchy and insecurity prevented women from enjoying their right to education and opportunities," said Saloni Singh, chair of Didibahini, an organisation working in the education sector.