Aims & Objectives


Access envisions a world where every single child has an easy access to health, education and human rights without any barrier and discrimination.

Specific Objectives
  • Protect children from slavery, abuse, neglect and exploitation through awareness, empowerment and support.
  • Empower the urban poor family to fulfill their parental care role towards their children.
  • Provide educational support to child laborers motivating them to withdraw from work, reunite with the family and join school.
  • Discourage the practice of child labor.
  • Sensitize and mobilize community to protect and promote child rights.
  • Provide service of rescue, relief and care support to the abused child such as child domestic labor exploitation and child sexual abuse
  • Provide school education scholarship to the needy children particulalry urban poor children.
  • Provide training to school teachers, parents, students and school management committee on child rights responsive school.
  • Run a safe transitional home for the children rescued from slavery and sexual abuse with an aim of family reintegration.
  • Run school for quality education to marginalized and neglected children including urban poor children.
  • Enable duty bearers such as government officials, parents to meet their obligation towards the children through training and other capacity building measures.
  • Enable the policy, directives and law on child rights to function through advocacy and capacity building initiatives.
  • Run skill development program along with micro credit, and seed money services for the marginalized youth and women for their economic status upliftment.

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