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Restoring Childhood


Nepal with 5% of school age children remaining out of school, 45% of population living under international poverty line, 2 million children involving in economic activities (child labor) and 1 child out of 5 children suffering of child sexual abuse strongly stress on the need of the immediate and comprehensive efforts to address multi social hurdles in preserving childhood in line with Convention on Child Rights. Such a dismal condition of children in Nepal propelled Access to launch multi facet program entitled RESTORING CHILDHOOD. 

RESTORING CHILDHOOD Program is in action since 2010 principally focusing on child slavery (the domestic child labor exploitation) and protecting a child from sexual abuse, neglect, violence with a major intervention of EDUCATION.

As a part of RESTORING CHILDHOOD Program (RC), Access is currently running three projects, namely Access Transitional Home, Child Care Center, Community based Child Rights Protection and Promotion Action, Food for Education and Sponsor a Child under Golden Youth Initiative Project.

Transitional Home

The transitional home is a short term safe shelter facility for the children suffered from child slavery (child labor exploitation), sexual abuse and violence with an objective of a safe and sustainable reintegration of these children back to their biological family and community. For this, the home renders the services of an immediate rescue, medical support, psychosocial counseling, legal aid, school education and livelihood support.

The transitional home works in the collaboration of like minded organizations, and government agency like police, district child welfare board, and central child welfare board.  

Community based Child Rights Protection and Promotion Action

Community based Child Rights Protection and Promotion Action is being into action since 2010 in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. This project aims at reducing child domestic labor exploitation and other forms of child abuse through educational intervention. The following are the key activities under this project:

1. Employer and community sensitization on child rights and mobilization for child rights protection

2. Informal educational opportunities to out of school child domestic labor through Out Reach Center classes (ORCs)

3. Children sensitization on child rights and mobilization of them for child development and protection activities through child club

4. Rescue, relief and care support to the abused child

5. Formal school education support to the children at risk through either partial or full scholarship scheme

6. Publication of mass informative material (IEC) like pamphlet, poster, bill board and brochure

7. Training to school family consisting of teachers, parents, school management committee members and students to induce child sensitive behavior and activities in the school

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Food for Education

Economically challenged children from backward community, and child labors with significance concentration of girls constitute nearly the total number of students enrolled at community run primary schools (government school) in Kathmandu. They receive free education. Free education doesn’t cover expenses for school uniform, stationery and school meal (Tiffin).

These little kids study for 5 hours without food to eat. They can’t afford school meal due to abject poverty and in some cases indifference/negligence of the parents.  Studying 5 hours without a single grain undoubtedly harms their health adversely impacting on their learning capacity. Providing students with school tiffin/meal produces many synergistic returns such as retaining the existing children at school, ensuring their regular attendance, further survival rate and attracting more poor children who are still out of school.

“Food for Education” project, therefore, aims to provide school tiffin/ school meal to every individual child attending primary level school to ensure the survival rate.

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Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship is a way of raising a long term support for the children who are at risk of or suffering from child slavery, sexual abuse and violence serving their educational needs and parent empowerment on parental care. The children in need if not assisted, then the probability of the children being exposed to slavery, abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation remain alarmingly high. Your sponsoring helps enhance the parental skill of the parents; the community to be a child friendly; a child to equip with protection skills; to see school; develop his mind and eventually become a confident, self-reliant and a civilized human being.being.

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