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We are guilty of many errors and many faults,
But our worst crime is abandoning the children,
Neglecting the fountain of life.
Many of things we need can wait.
The child cannot.
Right now is the time
His bones are being formed,
His blood is being made,
And his seanses are being developed.
To him we can’t answer “Tomorrow”.
His name is “Today”.
Garbriels Mistral
Executive Summary:

With an objective of providing a safe short term shelter for the children rescued from the nightmare of slavery and abuse and facilitating to restore childhood ensuring a sustainable and safe family reintegration, Access runs a safe transitional home in Kathmandu, the capital city.

It is very sad but unfortunately widespread practices in the Nepali society that children are beaten up in the name of descipling them; tortured; sexually abused; and forced into labor exploitation among other forms of harms and rights violation. The children suffered from labor exploitation, corporal punishment, violence and sexual abuse are the target group who are subject to receive the services from the transitional home.

Based on the nature of the case, the children can stay in the transitional home up to one and half year at the most. However, the most possible short stay of a child at the transitional home will be a guiding principal of the transitional home.

The transitional home equipped with all necessary mechanism, and trained personnel will provide the abused children the services such as rescue, medical and legal aid, counseling, shelter and family re-integration. The services will be provided in collaboration with other specialized and like-minded government and non government organizations and agencies. 

To ensure smooth functioning of the transitional home; and a sustainable and safe family re-integration of the abused children, the home have a policy for child protection, volunteer mobilization, collaboration with like-minded organizations, staff and follow-up procedure.

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe sheltering that ensures a sustainable and successful family reintegration of  the children rescuded from the clutches of sexual abuse, violence and slavery.

Target Group:

Children as defined by CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child), a human being under the age of 18 year, who are victim of corporal assault, sexual abuse, violence and labor exploitation would be a beneficiary of the transitional home.


Though a safe sheltering for the abused children will be a primary service of the transitional home, the home in collaboration with other government and non government organizations will play a facilitating role in rescuing; providing medical and legal aid; counseling children and parents; reintegrating with the family and school education and livelihood support along with following up the case.  

The children can have a service of the transitional home up to one year and half at the most. If the family re-integration seems difficult, alternative care will be sought.

The children will receive formal and non formal education during their stay in the transitional home.

A year long regular follow up measure will be implemented to ensure a safe and sustainable family re-integration of the child. Access will strive to provide the services including scholarship, livelihood support, parental counselling for successful and sustainable re-integration. Personal visit, contact through mobile and channelizing local networks, including government agency  will be a tool to help and ensure a sustainable family re-integration

Case Story

Raj Narayan Ram
On 7 February 2011, Raj Narayan Ram, a 7 year child with deep cut in lip and eyebrow, seemingly shivering and weak, bruises all over the body  was rescued from the work station where he had to embroidery sari from 10 AM to 9 PM every day since last 2 months. He was mercilessly beaten up by a brother of employer and imprisoned him for 3 days. When neighbors noticed the dismal condition of the child, they informed us. Then we with the help of community based Child Protection Community (CPC) that Access formed in the location,   police and CWISH, another NGO working for the child rights rescued the child. He was looked very weak and also shivering at the time of rescue. The case was filed in Police and then he was taken to hospital where his health was found extremely poor with swelling on head and other parts of body, and hand's bone fracture. The perpetrator was penalised and made to pay a compensation for Raj Narayan. He is now with his family back to the village and going to a local school. 

Raj Narayan Ram, a permanent resident of Sundarpur, Mahhotari district was forced to come to Kathmandu to sell his labor to earn livelihood for his economically poor family. He belongs to underprivileged community of terai (plain) region of Nepal. He has mother, elder sister and younger brother at home. His father is dead.

Bibek Singh Danuwar
The team of Suvabihane Child Protection Committee (Suvabihane CPC was formed, trained and mobilized  by Access in line with government policy on child protection) rescued  Bibek Singh Danuwar, a 13 year old domestic child labor who faced the nightmare on 23 Oct. 2011 in the morning. His employer out of her anger poured the boiling cooking oil on his face. Bibek’s face was partially damaged and he was in intolerable pain.

A case was filed in the police station and he was immediately provided treatment. Now he is staying with his brother at Kathmandu and continuing his study.

Perpetrator agreed to compensate by sponsoring Bibek’s education upto 12 grade. Access  continues to follow up these case in the future too to ensure Bibek gets a compensation and a secure life.

These are representative story of fate of thousands of child laborers who work in others home as a domestic child laborer, carpet factory, restaurant, brick kiln, transportation sector etc. In such cases of abuse and violence, the transitional home will take a responsibility of the abused child untill he recovers his health; access justice and safe and sustainable family re-integration.

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